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Bill & Rhonda

James & Cindy

Dear Neighbors and Friends,​ 

Since my youth, I envisioned myself becoming a home builder. In my years of building I've done my best to honor and preserve the legacy of generations who followed before me; to serve my clients with honesty and integrity.  I aspired to be as my father, uncles and grandfathers; as I admired them, greatly, for these traits.  These men were masters in their own right and I have found myself reflecting upon numerous conversations about the homes they were building in their time.  It was during those times that I felt the pull of having my own business aspirations as a home builder.  


In the 1980's, I began honing my craft in the family wood mill business and working on many homes throughout the metroplex before setting out to build, independently, in 1996. To this day, I continue to work with my uncle, Mr. James Snyder. We enjoy and put into practice the knowledge I've gained and continue to gain from him. In my youth the insight and knowledge were passed like butter and dinner rolls around the table at family gatherings.

I'm so humbled to be the fourth-generation builder of the Snyder building legacy. Today, at age 55, I continue to enjoy my work as much as I ever have and approach it with eagerness and enthusiasm. The majority of our business has primarily been built on word of mouth referrals from wonderful clients, friends, vendors, and realtors who support our methods and work ethic. Rhonda and I are grateful to all of them for their numerous referrals and for the many remodels, additions and new construction which has very much contributed to our success. I hope to continue to realize my dreams -- Preserving and carrying forward the building tradition as a Licensed Master Builder and to continue to build homes and serve our clients with the best of intentions and integrity. 

It is my wish to build, for you, the home you envision where memories and life's experiences will be made and shared around your dinner table. 

 I look forward to meeting you and working with you in the very near future.


​Best regards, 




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